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Kice Industries: "Elevar Pushed Us Out Of Our Comfort Zone"

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

"Kice Industries has grown in multiple directions over the past 75 years. We reached out to Elevar to help us reset our key strategies and refocus the company in order to realize significant new growth opportunities.  We had assembled a strong team, our business was profitable, and our goals seemed ambitious yet reasonable. But we needed help to realize our growth strategy. We spent several months with the Elevar team digging into our complicated story, clarifying our vision for our future, and assessing and developing the core capabilities and focus to execute this vision.  

The Elevar team challenged our thinking and pushed us out of our comfort zone.  Their approach forced us to think bravely on pursuing new ideas. The Elevar Team has become a trusted advisor to Kice Industries.” 

Drew Kice

President/CEO, Kice Industries

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