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Introducing Elevar Agri-Solutions: Purchasing Power for Fertilizer Retailers

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

We're pleased to announce Elevar Agri-Solutions (EAS), giving co-ops and fertilizer retailers a new way to manage risk in the complex, ever-changing global fertilizer commodity market.

Darrin Boster, company president, said the goal is to help member companies

gain a competitive advantage through making smarter fertilizer purchasing decisions.

“With EAS, retailers have a partner watching and making sense of the global fertilizer market, and together we can adjust timing and pricing for the greatest advantage,” Boster said. “Any group discounts or rebates flow directly through to the members for full market transparency.”

Boster said EAS member companies can rest assured that someone has their back when it comes to fertilizer. “We interpret the facts and forecasts so that you get the best ROI,” he said.

With over 25 years of fertilizer industry experience at Koch Industries, Boster brings both expertise and the agility to act quickly on opportunities. To learn more, visit, email, or call (316) 833-2961.

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